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Renee Louise Mascari

A career spent in the Creative Industry, passionate about design, architecture and art. Growing up in Africa with striking sunsets and stunning Ndebele painted houses, regular safaris, definitely fuelled my love of wildlife and the natural colours of nature influencing my passion for colour and texture. I paint mostly contemporary abstract art with an urban edge inspired by my heritage and love of all things urban.

Along with a great architect and a son who project managed the build, I have fulfilled a lifelong ambition to build my own house. Like art, contemporary architecture is subjective and top of my brief to the architect, was to include a dedicated studio with lots of natural light.

I love nothing more than putting on a great playlist, setting up a new canvas and begin creating something that hopefully will reflect my love of architecture, design, colour and texture.

I lecture in Interior and Kitchen Design and value the impact art creates in our living spaces and the benefit of wellbeing it brings to our lives and time spent in the creative industries has confirmed my belief that the spaces we live or work in are enhanced by the objects we surround ourselves with. Art being one and whether you like the painting, or you don’t, if it instigates discussion and opinion, then the artist’s work is done!