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Sam Dolman

Sam Dolman was born in Scunthorpe in 1980, and took great pleasure in painting and drawing as a child. He first studied accountancy at University before relasing that his true passion was for art.

Following his graduation Dolman travlled through Europe before settling in Spain. It was here that he decided to pursue art as a profession. Inspired by the idyllic scenery of his surroundings, Dolman began to paint landscapes; aquainting himself with the medium of oils.

By the time Dolman returned to the UK he had already sold many pieces to private collectors, providing him with the confidence to continue his artistic endeavours. He settled in the Peak District, first creating landscape paintings of his immediate surroundings using his own photographs for reference. It was while photographing the landscape that he serendipitously stumbled across a herd of cows and was instantly charmed by their gentle, inquisitive natures.

Dolmans affection for his subjects is evident in every one of his paintings, capturing the personality of each creature to often humorous effect. His paintings are sought-after worldwide, and have featured in Vogue magazine amongst many other reputable publications. He has been shortlisted for a number of prizes, including BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year, the Saatchi Online Prize and the illustrious David Shepherd Wildlife Artist Award.